Daiwa TANASENSOR 500 -hyrräkela


Daiwa TANASENSOR 500 -hyrräkela

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For many years the Tanasensor has been called a paragon for reliability and power among Norway anglers. Especially the powerful gear is a real benchmark, which successfully has lifted up many large specimen out of great depths over the years.

The electronic display with depth counter offers great advantage when fishing in medium depth or over difficult ground, because you always know where your lure is located. The gear offers an enormous power transmission and retrieving power – indestructible under normal fishing conditions!

The Tanasensor is the perfect choice when there is need for power and reliability!

  • Digital display (in meter)
  • Washable construction
  • 1 ball bearing
  • ATD™ drag system
  • Automatic levelwind
  • Round Hard-EVA handle knob

Model: TANSEN500

Välitys:/Kammen kierros: 4,3:1/74cm

Kuulalaakerit: 1BB






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