Guideline 4D Distance Body, Float

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Guideline 4D Distance Body, Float

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4D Distance bodies are made for those who fish longer rods or prefer longer heads. The 4D Distance bodies have extended lengths and are also available in heavier weights than our standard 4D Bodies. This means they are perfectly suited for use with our GL rods from 13′ and all the way up to our iconic LPXe 17’. Generally 4D Distance is 1,5 meters longer than the standard 4D bodies. Total head lengths with 4D Tip varies from 12m/39ft to 14,5m/47,5ft depending of sinkrate/wt and choice of tip length. In comparison the standard 4D bodies have lengths from 11m/36ft to 12,5m/41ft. As a general guideline we reccomend 15′ tips for rod lengths up to 14ft, for longer rods both 15′ and 18′ are suitable depending on your favoured length/weight.

The 4D Distance bodies are built on our Direct Contact low stretch cores with only 6% stretch, all bodies have super strong 42lbs cores that will make you fish with confidence targeting Big Steelhead or giant Salmon alike. All lines are fitted with color-coded sleeves in the front towards the connection with the Tips. They also have ID printing in the back ends for easy identification. They are fitted with small, coated loops with the industries strongest and most reliable, reinforced sleeves. Produced from environmentally friendly materials and featuring strong Polyurethane coatings.

4D Bodies and Tips are sold individually, so you can mix and match according to your preferences. The 4D system excels when used with our 4D Double Density Tips with tapers and performance optimized for the 4D Bodies. All in all, there are 7 different Tips from Dual Density Floating to Super Fast Sinking S5/S8 to choose from. All tips are color coded for an easy match with the 4D body. If you fancy a more skagit style approach, these bodies also work superb together with our 15’ T-Tips.

Model:/Body Length Float:
#9/10/11 – 29g/450grains/8,0m / 26,2ft.
#10/11 – 32g/500grains/8,0m / 26,2ft.
#10/11/12 – 35g/540grains/8,5m / 27,9ft.
#11/12 – 39g/600grains/8,5m / 27,9ft.
#11/12/13 – 43g/660grains/8,5m / 27,9ft


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