Abu Garcia Oceanfield 3000H/3000SH -avokela

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Abu Garcia Oceanfield 3000H/3000SH -avokela, Japanin tuontimalli:
Abu Garcia OCEANFIELD SPINNING is a series of stable reels manufactured and designed for the Japanese domestic market, which is the guarantee of the highest quality. These are reels designed for jigging and spinning fishing both – from the shore and the boat. They are equipped with all the technologies developed by Abu Garcia, such as HPCR stainless steel bearings, X-Craftic aluminum body, long cast spool design, Uniflow bail roller, еxtra spool included and etc.
HPCR bearings
Improved durability, smoothness, corrosion resistance, these bearings improve productivity at every point of fishing
X-Craftic – aluminum alloy body
Given the harsh conditions of fishing, the body is made of X-Craftic ™ (high quality aluminum alloy).
Integration of the side cover (side plate) in to the body creates an optimal static environment and a correct positioning of the gears, eliminating parasitic oscillations in the main gear axis.
Uniflow bail
By smoothly moving from the bail to the roller, problems such as entanglement of the fishing line around the roller are dramatically reduced.
Rocket Spool
A special design of the upper edge prevents the formation of a wide amplitude of winder windings, which improves the casting distance and minimizes entanglement.
Carbon discs
The insertion of carbon pulleys in the drag system effectively suppresses the pulsations at a heavy load and creating smooth work


Kuulalaakerit:6HPCR + 1RB






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