Guideline Compact/Xchange -Tips

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Guideline Compact/Xchange -Tips

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Compact/Xchange Tips, come in a variety of lengths, weights and densities for use with our Compact Multi Tip lines & Xchange WF lines.

We have developed them with the latest manufacturing methods and use our own customized taper and density specifications. They are available in 12’ length in 6 and 8 grams and in 15’ length in 8 and 10 grams weights. There are four different sink rate configurations that correspond well with the original content in the line packages, Float, S3/S4 and S6/S7. In addition there is a Hover/Intermediate density as well. All Tips have ID marking for easy identification and have extra reinforcement sleeves on the loops.


#8/9/10, 12′, 8g, Hover/Intermediate

#8/9/10, 15′, 8g, Kelluva

#9/10, 15′, 10g, Kelluva



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